Link Share: When to Do Data Journalism

For the past few years, journalists have increasingly talked about how better to integrate data. Often with stories culled from spreadsheets come interactive databases and with them an increase that important website metric: engagement.

Data journalism, though means an awful lot. It can mean finding the biggest, highest, lowest, smallest of something using a dataset or it can be a more complex process of finding patterns or changes over time and geography.

Deciding what data to use and just how interesting it is can be one of the more difficult tasks of using data. And spending time to do that — and the occasional consequence that the numbers you’re looking at just aren’t that interesting — can be difficult, particularly when resources are scarce.

Mac Slocum at one of O’Reilly Media’s blogs had a useful Q&A with the editor of the UK Guardian’s Datablog. They discuss what the Guardian does with the data before it’s turned into a story. The Guardian also has a blog post on the subject and this infographic about its workflow:

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