Really smart thoughts on the future of storytelling

For a couple months now, I’ve been following with great interest a question posted on the Q&A site For those who haven’t seen the site before, often very smart people from a variety of industries (though, as with many new sites often from the tech world) ask and thoughtfully answer questions.

This summer, someone posted the following question:

How will the craft of storytelling change in the future?
The The Internet, human-computer interaction, gaming, and other future technologies leading up to the possibility of the technological singularity, will change how stories are told, how they are heard. How will the craft of storytelling change, and how can novelists, filmmakers, television producers and game designers adapt?

The answers have ranged from strong defense of a narrative structure that will never die to thoughts from a robotics and game designer on the ways artificial intelligence, automation and robotics could change the reader/viewer’s experience as well as the storyteller’s craft.

They’re well worth a read.

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