I am adept at developing video stories. I’ve shot with a variety of cameras — from an iPhone to a Canon XHA-1 — and edited with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and iMovie. Included are several ecample

How News is Made

In 2010, the Kitsap Sun newspaper celebrated its 75th anniversary. We used the milestone to not only to reprise the paper’s history, but also to give its online customers insight into a day’s news decisions and production. I interviewed the editor, publisher, operations director and reporters then photographed a day in the life of the Kitsap Sun.

Elevating Food Bank Meals

I showed readers how one local chef has tried to help food bank customers improve their eating habits through the creation of a cookbook that uses ingredients commonly found in food banks.

Bainbridge Organic Distillery

Once the state allow craft distilling, a father and son opened an organic distillery on Bainbridge Island. I showed readers the inside of the small distillery and introduced them to its pioneering owner.