Students Plugged in to iLearn
With more schools turning to iPods, I looked at how a local school was using them and how it affected teaching in the classroom.

Kitsap schools adjusting to new lunch rules
Healthier lunches don’t always make happier kids, but Kitsap schools tried to balance both as they carry out new national lunch standards. I took this national issue and showed parents how their kids’ lunches would change.

Saying no to shots?
A growing number of parents in Kitsap County sought immunization exemptions over fears of vaccines.

Blog: The Allure of Trader Joe’s aka What’s the Big Freakin’ Deal?
For two years, I wrote a food blog for Kitsap Sun readers. Among my post popular posts was one that looked at what had made Trader Joe’s popular enough to make hundreds of Kitsap residents swoon over its impending opening.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 5.51.26 PMThe Meth Toll
For a Kitsap crime reporter, it was rare for a day reporting to go by without hearing the word ‘meth.’ To give readers an idea of just how far-reaching its impact were, I worked with a team of reporters to write an award-winning series detailing the drug’s toll on our small community. I wrote about the drug’s trade, how users went from occasional use to full-blown addiction, how the justice system had started to battle the epidemic with treatment instead of just jail time, and how the sale of ingredients to make the drug had become its own clandestine business.

Scanning the Heavens
Among the stories I’ve enjoyed reporting and writing on most as a reporter was this story about a man who built a 15-foot tower with a 30-foot-diameter dish in his backyard so he could listen to the stars.